Large construction sites can finish on time

It’s not complicated, but complex

Project Blue, Deutsche Bank Frankfurt
Project Blue, Deutsche Bank Frankfurt
Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg
Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg
Europäische Zentralbank EZB
Europäische Zentralbank EZB
Olympiastadion Berlin
Olympiastadion Berlin

It takes 3 things
to open major construction sites on time.

The Know-How.
The Tools.
The  Strategy.

This makes it work

Commissioning Management

(under consideration of VDI 6039)

  • Single and multi-discipline approach
  • Examination of the contracts with regard to the coordination of interfaces and cooperation between the various contractors
  • Creation of project-related commissioning manuals
  • Optimisation of the project (structural, personnel, organisational, logistical)

Fire Control Matrix

(in consideration of VDI 3819)

  • Examination of the contracts with regard to the creation of the fire control matrix
  • Coordination of the creation of the fire control matrix incl. shutdown matrix with fire protection concept creator, experts, planners and executing companies
  • For complex safety-related requirements: project-specifically developed database-based matrix for a seamless overview and safety

System Interaction Tests

(under consideration of VDI 6010)

  • Coordination, organisation and implementation of the integration / interaction / joint tests (pre-tests)
  • Database-supported evaluations and automated nominal/actual comparisons for seamless error corrections
  • Accompaniment of the system interaction test to achieve the legal approvals

Plausibility Checks

  • Identification of dependencies and prerequisites for commissioning, initiation and system interaction examinations
  • Cross-contractor scheduling
  • Analysis and optimisation of the cross-discipline technical functionality

Checking And Support Of All Technical Contractors

for the performance phases 1-9

  • as a technical consultant
  • as a neutral quality reviewer
  • as a coordinator in interface management
  • as a representative of the building owner

Automated Data Analysis & Evaluation

  • Screening of the specifications for outdated regulations
  • Checking of the specifications for consistent definitions
  • Cross-comparison of the planning with all plant lists
  • Monitoring of the plant identification system
  • Evaluation of the database-supported fire control matrix
  • and much more.

This is how we do it

Our team of well-established decision-makers and our proven strategies lead your project to success.


We work with highly experienced professionals who have been instrumental in bringing major projects to a satisfactory completion on time.


We provide reliable overall overviews of the actual work status of building services planning and execution.


We understand the technology and view it from a multi-discipline perspective.


We structure the project and create solutions to make sure it actually gets completed.

We can because we‘ ve been doing it for over 25 years.

This is only a small selection of projects in which we or our employees were significantly involved.

Forum Frankfurt
Forum Frankfurt
VW Werk Wolfsburg
VW Werk Wolfsburg
Flughafen München
Flughafen München
Seehotel Überfahrt Rottach Egern
Seehotel Überfahrt Rottach Egern

Why combsol?

Large construction sites are a world of their own and combsol (combined building solutions) combines solutions for building services engineering.


We don’t just provide you with solutions, but you also get results, hence our motto:


from solutions to results™